mardi 28 juin 2016

Boca scooter racing is free now for iphone and ipad for limited periode hurry up!

Boca scooter racing is free now for iphone and ipad for limited periode hurry up!

super mario bros

Boca scooter are amazing in racing especially  if  you like race.
Everyone Love Santa 'papa noel' , But who can Help him to deliver gifts to kids of the boca world copa .
in this adventure in the biggest forest of america , "Chavo" (santa) need to challenge obstacles to realize all kid's wishes to be a part of an Moto Bike Drag Race Rivals ,don't hurt santa. and win the Price by the end .

scooter Racing is not just a simple game like all those raccing game in the arkade game, the extreme chavo games is available for all anyone can play it but you need to help Papa Noel to deliver the gifts to all the world,neverwinter for Love and peace it's your job to help el chavo ultimate scooter racing
and stunt simulator , to Winn the great racing!

He! bro ! After Playing scooter race , Welcome again for choosing the stunt bike racing game. So are you ever dreamed of becoming a bike stunt,Hurt obstacle, drill on mountains using a fast motor bike? Now it's available no needs of school driving license 2017 or any driving license at all , all it free between your hands.
with this top free arkade game ,Best adventure based on racing simulator game where you can play freely like you're driving a fast scooter in real life. So Prepare to enjoy fast moto racing scooter and Help Mr Santa to deliver his gifts to the world.

Features of Super chavo scooter racing and Moto Bike Drag Race Rivals 2017 :

ï Awesome minions Race & Xtreme Moto models
ï Challenging obstacles and Powerful hurdles
ï Moto with upgradable features and fast driving methods
ï Extreme bike riding experience with!
super mario bros
ï Smooth tilt control of the scooter.
ï Amazing Graphics and sound can't hurt your hearing.
ï Share your experience and adventure and challenge your friends.
super mario bros

Volk ! Are you ready to the big racing ? scooter moto racing is ready and remember don't Hurt Santa ; and winn the big price

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samedi 11 juin 2016

Create beautiful music videos using this great app "musically" free

Music video community, *** helps you to create fantastic videos that will impress all your friends. Super simple: Choose the sound and start the sync lip! Anyone can be a great singer with! ***
- Choose from millions of titles or use music from your own device - Create videos and pretend to sing your favorite songs
- Add cool video effects filters, quick movements, slow motion, time lapse, reversing, and other effects of "Time Machine"
- Share videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Vine to impress your friends and receive likes!
- Save videos to your camera album
- Discover the music videos created by community
- Get likes of community and see how your musicals appear in the rankings

vendredi 10 juin 2016

download Sippin Tea for ios

Have you ever been sitting around listening to a friend or acquaintance go on and on about how great their life is, but you really know the truth? Or, have you ever been around that person that is constantly judging others even though they are full of flaws? Well, now with the Sippin Tea app you can let that person know just what you think of them without having to say a word. Let the Sippin Tea app tell them exactly how you feel. This hilarious app is even funnier than the memes you see on social media.

Download and enjoy!     

every Boss need a dreemkacher , be one of them right now!

dreemkacher is a mobile application designed to help creative talent and/or businesses showcase their skills, gain work and engage fans. With the use of a visual and interactive resume, anyone can express what their capabilities are.
-Create your profile and virtual business card to publicly showcase your business, talent and share with anyone with a smartphone!
-Use our app to find businesses, talent and those with unconventional services.

 dreemkacher Explore!
Explore users around you by checking out profiles of talented people sharing their work. Filter by industry, price ranging (for booking) and location and make sure to find what you need, when you need it.


Got some cool work? Put it on your profile and leave the dreemkacher community with something to know you by. dreemkacher allows users to showcase their work to other users and potential talent buyers in order to make the most out of their branding and experience


When you find the right one, nothing else matters. That's why dreemkacher lets users message and book talent right through the app. Simply reach out to the person you're interested in and our process will take it from there.
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SwapMe is the best photo swapping for ios get it for free

SwapMe is the first AUTOMATIC and PHOTOREALISTIC face swapping application.

SwapMe lets you swap faces within the picture. Take a selfie with your friends and swap your faces. Share the pictures with your friends, they will get surprised and ask you how you did it.

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vendredi 3 juin 2016

Survive as long as possible in deep space avoiding the rocks and collecting power-ups for your ship.
You need to tap and move on the screen very gently. Engine sparks will push the rocks away from you.

Also  i have  a great news for you if  you are a mobile game developer ; The owner gives you the source code for free "source under GPL license can be found on github  ' VoV game" in search ..

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jeudi 2 juin 2016

get the best File Manager ,N File Manager for Android 2016

N File Manager
N File Manager is a handy app that lets you easily manage folders and files on Android devices.
N File Manager
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- Provide the proper functioning of the type of the file.
- The storage of the device, you can easily find the folder / file.
- Running on the device, or you can check your installed apps.
- Support thumbnail.
- Support Cloud service(Dropbox)
N file Manager is the best file manager for android 2016 , more features are available just download N file manager for android for free

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